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Contemporary Art — Limited edition

Pink Thumb on the wall!

Here is a new suggestion, the Pink Thumb Cube, squared version. The limited edition art print is available for pre-order by email mp@mpartstudio.com



Tell a message with an art piece. The beauty of the letters give a specific value to the word and to its content.



Love doing art suggestion!

Some suggestion of my art...I love the relationships between art and design, loving create atmosphere.😊

If you like some of my prints but you’re not sure how they look like in your space, we can provide you a specific suggestion based on your room. Take a good picture of your wall with your phone and send it to us at the email address you can find on the shop on line.

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New Artwork is ready!

Referring to the minimal art and the sign, the artwork evokes the woman figure. Icon Sign is about introspection and personality.

limited editions available in two sizes.